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Experience the Difference

Plasma Burning

Plasma Burning Of Parts from Steel Plate

Our new system is a MG TMC 4500 equipped with Hyperformance HPR400XD Plasma Burning System, featuring Continuous Beveling and True Hole Technology

  • The fastest, thickest and most versatile Hyperformance Plasma system available on the market.
  • Programmable continuous beveling 45 degrees +/- through 1-1/4" plate and 22-1/2" degrees through 2"
  • Transitional bevel cutting allowing changing from one bevel angle to another.
  • 400 Amp precision plasma produces dross-free cuts up to 2" in thickness.
  • Cuts fine-feature parts with superior quality and consistency.
  • True Hole Technology provides impressive hole quality through 1" plates with hole diameter to plate thickness ratios
    as low as 1 to 1.
  • Burning capacity for parts up to 12ft wide by 55ft in length, including ability to square and/or bevel large rectangular plates

Additional stations:

We offer custom size plate burning and parts burning of steel plates.
Our other tables can handle parts up to 10' wide and 55' in length.
Each burning machine is equipped with both Oxy/Fuel and Plasma Capability.