Applications for ASTM A588 Weathering Steel

High Strength Weathering Steel Plate

Applications for ASTM A588 Weathering Steel

Weathering steels are a family of ASTM specifications manufactured to exhibit superior corrosion-resistant properties. ASTM A588 is one of the most popular and widely used weathering steel specifications.  

What is ASTM A588?

ASTM A588 is a high strength, low-alloy structural steel that provides higher strength and enhanced atmospheric corrosion resistance for structural steel shapes, including steel plate, sheet, bars, angles, channels and beams. In fact, the atmospheric corrosion resistance of A588 is substantially better than that of carbon steels–with or without copper addition. ASTM A588 has a 50ksi minimum yield strength and a 70ksi minimum tensile strength. 

Like all weathering steels, ASTM A588 naturally develops a protective patina layer, which regenerates continuously as it is exposed to weather to resist corrosion. The orange-brown, rustic color of the patina appeals to many architects, builders and sculptors. 

What is ASTM A588 weathering steel used for? 

ASTM A588 steel helps construct the world’s most vital structures while withstanding the earth’s most extreme conditions. When you use ASTM A588 weathering steel rather than standard steel, you reap all the benefits of standard steel construction coupled with the corrosion resistance of weathering steel and the aesthetic appeal of weathering steel’s patina. Plus, unlike standard steel, weathering steel can be used unpainted in structural and architectural applications, which eliminates painting and maintenance costs while reducing overall construction time.

ASTM A588, in particular, is intended for use in applications where savings in weight, added durability and extended life cycle are paramount, such as welded bridges and buildings. ASTM A588 is commonly used to construct pedestrian bridges, highway bridge girders, ships, tanks, railcars, fencing and sculptures

Some notable uses of ASTM A588 weathering steel include the construction of the U.S. Steel Building in Pittsburgh (AKA America’s tallest skyscraper), Trump’s border wall, Barclays Center Sports Arena in New York, and John Deere’s World Headquarters in Illinois. 

Our customers use ASTM A588 in just about all their projects from pedestrian bridges to fencing and retaining walls. Here are some ASTM A588 applications:

ASTM A588 weathering steel bridge ASTM A588 weathering steel pedestrian bridge ASTM A588 weathering steel guardrail

ASTM A588 wall ASTM A588 weathering steel application ASTM A588 weathering steel application

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