Project Spotlight: Artesano Ironworks Spiral Staircase

weathering steel spiral staircase

Project Spotlight: Artesano Ironworks Spiral Staircase

While we have seen supplied steel for several staircases, none standout quite like this corten steel staircase created by Artesano Ironworks.

Artesano Ironworks designs and creates custom, high-end, luxurious masterpieces. As a company, they are committed to preserving the centuries old tradition of hand-crafted iron, bronze, and metal works. Here’s what they said about using corten-equivalent weathering steel: 

“Corten steel has many assets. Its’ structural strength, unpredictable patina, the warm color of rust; this makes it a trendy material used in architectural projects.” 

corten steel spiral staircase

Artesano Ironworks purchased various sizes of corten-equivalent weathering steel plate, sheet, angle and flat bar to create this impressive spiral staircase. They also used Cor-Match welding wire in the process. Artesano Ironworks built this staircase for the courtyard of 420Kent, a waterfront apartment complex located in Brooklyn, NY.  

Weathering steel also makes a statement in the lobby of the apartment complex. Artesano Ironworks used 271 pieces of ½” x 6” flat bar to craft the decorative bars pictured below. 

weathering steel decorative bars

We are proud to have supplied the steel for this incredible project. Great work, Artesano Ironworks!