Staying at the forefront of industry advancements is not just a commitment–it's a necessity. The National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA) has taken a pioneering step towards excellence with its recently published Uncoated Weathering Steel Reference Guide. As a trusted supplier of high strength and high strength weathering steels, we recognize the significance of this comprehensive guide and its potential to revolutionize the way our customers approach uncoated weathering steel.

By: Jackie Edwards, Landscape Designer Ever considered that a material used by builders could also strike an artist's fancy? This is where corten steel--a unique alloy, steps in, breezily smashing such boundaries. Renowned for its remarkable resistance to corrosion, it continues to be an artist's ally for outdoor installations, handling Mother Nature's mood swings in stride.  No need for pampering or high maintenance--corten steel's protective patina layer embraces the wrath of weather, regenerating itself like a phoenix rising from the ashes, ensuring the aesthetics of your home or business exterior remain untouched. 

While corten steel, also known as weathering steel, was used primarily in the rail industry in its early days, it quickly found its way into a variety of industrial applications. In fact, in the beginnings of Central Steel Service, industrial applications were the primary end-use of corten steel. The unique properties of corten steel offer an enhancement to industrial product life cycles over the standard A36 grade used by many in the industry. 

Welding electrodes are lengths of wire that are connected with your welding machine to create an electric arc. Current passes through this wire to produce an arc, which generates a heat to melt and fuse metal for welding. Central Steel Service added Cor-Match™ products to complement its high-quality supply line of high-strength and high-strength weathering steels. Cor-Match™ 80-CW and 810-W are low-alloy steel electrodes designed for welding on corten and weathering steels. They provide excellent mechanical properties and a close color match to weathering steels.  Interested in learning more about Cor-Match™ 80-CW and 810-W? Check out the answers to these frequently asked questions below. 

By selecting sustainable materials, the construction industry can minimize its environmental footprint, improve energy efficiency, promote healthier indoor environments, reduce waste, conserve water, and align with market demands. These positive impacts contribute to a more sustainable and resilient-built environment.  Weathering steel, also known as corten steel,...