Cor-ten Steel Garden Features: Planters, Edging, Retaining Walls and More

Cor-ten steel garden features

Cor-ten Steel Garden Features: Planters, Edging, Retaining Walls and More

From backyards and balconies to patios and porches, it’s no secret that we spent more time enjoying outdoor spaces in 2020. Outdoor living spaces became extensions of interior spaces and places of relaxation, rest and safe social gatherings. All this time outside has placed landscape design as a priority for many in 2021.  

In fact, New York city-based landscape designer Todd Haiman told Architectural Digest that “the pandemic has reinforced the idea that horticulture is therapy. Green spaces in cities and private outdoor space are increasingly valued to improve health and mental wellbeing.”

Whether residential or commercial, cor-ten steel garden features may be just what you need to take your outdoor space to the next level. In recent years, using cor-ten, or weathering steel, in landscapes and garden designs has become increasingly popular because landscape architects favor the texture of the unpolished metal and the color of the steel’s patina. Curate a clean, warm and inviting outdoor space by incorporating these cor-ten steel garden features. 

Cor-ten Pergolas

Weathering steel corrugated and profile panels are often used to construct awnings that create shade and shelter for outdoor spaces. These are not only functional spaces, but also add to the charm and curb-appeal of a space. 

Weathering steel awning

Cor-ten Steel Planter Boxes

The container gardening trend is not going anywhere in 2021. Cor-ten steel planter boxes offer an easy way to bring plants and greenery to outdoor spaces like rooftops and balconies where planting in the ground is not an option. Planter boxes can also serve as security and privacy barriers. 

Weathering Steel Planter Box Weathering Steel Planter Boxes

Cor-ten Steel Landscape Edging

Cor-ten steel landscape edging is an effective way to clean up and define space around planter beds and along driveways and sidewalks. Plus, the rustic color of weathering steel gives blends in while withstanding all types of weather.

Corten Steel Landscape Edging

Cor-ten Steel Retaining Wall 

Cor-ten steel retaining walls are not only practical, but also look clean and polished in outdoor spaces. A boulder or concrete block retaining wall may get the job done, but it won’t achieve the contemporary look that a cor-ten retaining wall provides. 

Cot-Ten steel landscape applications

Cor-ten Steel Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are very popular these days. Cor-ten steel is also a more modern and longer-lasting alternative to wood when created raised gardening beds. 

Weathering steel raised garden

Cor-ten Fencing, Gates and Privacy Screens 

The properties and versatility of cor-ten make it effective for constructing fencing, gates, and privacy screens that are often required to complete an outdoor space. 

Weathering steel fencing

Cor-ten Steel Water Features

The presence and sound of water in outdoors spaces is refreshing and relaxing. Like planter boxes, cor-ten steel can also be used to fabricate water features. 

weathering steel water feature

Cor-ten Steel Fire Features

Last, but certainly not least, cor-ten steel fire features bring heat and warmth to outdoor spaces. Plus, they give you the ability to extend the use of your outdoor space into the colder months. 

weathering steel fire feature

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