Cor-ten Steel Landscape Design

Cor-ten Steel Landscape Design

Cor-ten Steel Landscape Design

The countdown to spring is officially on, which means it’s time to clean up both residential and commercial landscapes for the warmer weather. Forbes released its top landscaping trends of 2023, and incorporating metals landed as number three on its list. 

“Landscape trends have seen a lot of outside influence from different materials. “A big trend we’re seeing is metal being added to landscape – whether that’s in shade structures, artistic panels, water features, planter boxes and more,” shares Ryan Trudell, VP of Landscape Architecture at Creative Environments. This ties nicely with the return of the pergola and patio structures to connect the outdoors with the indoors.”

In recent years, cor-ten steel, also referred to as weathering steel, has become a go-to metal material for garden and landscape designs. These steels naturally form a protective patina layer when exposed to various atmospheric conditions, which guards the material against future corrosion. Consequently, cor-ten steel offers significant advantages over other metals for structures that are exposed to outdoor elements, including low maintenance, high-strength, enhanced durability, minimal thickness, cost savings and decreased construction time. And most notably, the rustic, orange-brown patina that cor-ten steel develops over time blends well in gardens, backyards, commercial landscapes, parks and other outdoor spaces. 

At Central Steel Service, we specialize in the distribution of specialty weathering steel products ideal for landscape and garden designs. Check out these 8 ideas for using cor-ten steel to define space, create borders and privacy, and add various features to beautify an outdoor area. 

8 ways to use cor-ten steel in landscape design

Cor-ten steel retaining walls

Cor-ten steel’s aesthetically-pleasing appearance combined with its strength, durability and versatility allows it to serve in situations where a concrete, brick, wood or stone wall would not be as fitting. While those materials could get the job done, they won’t achieve the clean, polished and contemporary look that a weathering steel retaining wall provides. 

Atlanta Fine Gardens Cor-ten Steel Retaining Wall

Atlanta Fine Gardens Cor-ten Steel Retaining Wall

Cor-ten steel planter boxes and raised garden beds

Corten steel planter boxes and raised beds offer a simple way to bring plants and greenery to outdoor spaces like patios, sidewalks, rooftops and balconies where planting in the ground is not an option. 

Cor-ten steel planter boxes

Cor-ten steel landscape edging

The desirable orange-brown patina that cor-ten steel develops over time blends beautifully into all outdoors spaces making it a great solution for defining spaces and keeping landscapes looking neat and tidy. 

Weathering Steel Landscape Edging

Cor-ten steel fire pits

When it comes to fire pits, cor-ten steel not only offers resistance to atmospheric corrosion, but it also offers the high-heat resistance required to contain a fire. Cor-ten steel fire features can be made in all shapes and sizes for both personal and commercial spaces. 

Cor-ten steel fire pit

Cor-ten steel signage

In commercial landscapes, signage is often required to point people in the right direction. Cor-ten steel signage is not only aesthetically-pleasing but can also withstand outdoor elements better than other signage materials. Weathering steel also mixes well with other materials, such stainless steel, wood and stone, to create just the right rustic, contemporary look. 

Cor-ten steel signage

Cor-ten steel fencing and gates

Fencing and gates are needed in many outdoor spaces to provide safety, security, privacy and decoration. Cor-ten steel is often used to construct various types of fencing and gates for landscapes and outdoors spaces. The purpose of the fence will determine the style and steel needs. 

Cor-ten steel gate

Cor-ten steel sculpture

Cor-ten steel has become increasingly popular for use in outdoor sculptures. Sculptors, like Dewitt Godfrey, Jason Kimes, James Brenner and others, take advantage of weathering steel’s corrosion resistance, availability, fabricability, and appearance to create many striking and appealing works of art.  

Sculpture made of only weathering steel pieces cut from ASTM A242 plate

Sculpture by Jason Kimes

Cor-ten steel roofing

Whether for practical protection from sun or rain or added curb appeal, landscape architects commonly use cor-ten steel corrugated and profile panels to construct awnings, pergolas and other coverings for outdoor spaces. 

Cor-ten steel pergola

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Interested in using cor-ten steel for your next landscaping project?  Central Steel Service stocks high-strength, corrosion-resistant cor-ten steel across several categories and in a variety sizes. Contact one of our experienced sales associates to learn more!