Corten Curb Appeal

Weathering Steel Planter Boxes

Corten Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of your home or commercial property refers to the attractiveness of its exterior. It’s the first impression that your property makes on an outsider. Enhancing curb appeal creates an inviting entrance to your home or property that everyone can marvel at, including potential buyers if you are looking to sell.

5 Ways to Add Curb Appeal with Corten Steel

Corten-equivalent weathering steel was originally developed for practical reasons, such as strength and resistance to corrosion, but architects and landscape designers have come to love its attractive aesthetic. The patina that weathering steel develops over time blends well with outdoor elements, like stone, wood, and greenery. 

While weathering steel’s usefulness is only limited by one’s imagination, here are 5 ways to add curb appeal to your property with corten steel: 

1. Install planter boxes

Weathering steel planter boxes offer a quick and easy way to bring color and charm to the front of your home, office building, restaurant or retail space. 

Weathering Steel Planter Boxes Corten Planter Box

2. Decorate with panels

Decorative weathering steel panels are a unique way to dress up the front of your home or building. Panel Creation designed these custom-cut panels for the front facade of this home. 

Corten steel decorative panel Decorative corten panel

3. Add signage

Custom signage can be burned out of ASTM A606 or A588 weathering steel plates to identify your home or business Central Steel Service can CNC plasma burn letters, shapes and designs to meet your signage needs. 

Weathering Steel Address Sign Corten Signage

4. Clean up your yard with landscape edging

Keep your yard looking nip and tuck. Weathering steel landscape edging is simple to install and an effective way to define space around planter beds or along driveways and sidewalks.  

Weathering Steel Landscape Edging Corten Steel Landscape Edging

5. Construct a corten facade

If you’re constructing a new building, a corten facade may be just the right contemporary, but rustic look. The rusty color of weathering steel’s patina is ideal when the goal is for the building to blend in with the landscape.

Corten Building Facade Corten Facade

Interested in adding curb appeal with corten-equivalent steel? Contact Central Steel Service to see how weathering steel can be used in your next project!