Get the Look: Weathering Steel Fire Pits

Weathering Steel Fire Pit

Get the Look: Weathering Steel Fire Pits

Fire pits, fireplaces and other fire features are perfect places for gathering all year round, but are especially cozy during the fall and winter months. Garden Design described our innate attraction to fire so well: 

“Fire—flickering from a garden’s outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or a flame-filled bowl, table, or trough—is one of humanity’s primal attractions. Once we are ensnared, it exploits our love for warmth, conversation, and canapés. A fire is an ancestral meeting place, a source of comfort, a mesmerizing play of light. Fire is the star of any room indoors, and when placed outside, it creates a room around itself.”

As the star of the room, it’s essential that you select the right material for your fire pit or fireplace. While fire features can be made with various materials, weathering steel fire features have their advantages–both practically and aesthetically. 

Advantages of using weathering steel for fire pits, fireplaces and fire features 

Early on, weathering steel, referred to interchangeably as COR-TEN Steel, was used to construct hopper cars, passenger rail cars and shipping containers. It wasn’t until the 1960s that architects began discovering ways to use corten steel. Today, the corrosion-resistant and aesthetic benefits of weathering steel appeal to many, and weathering steels are now used to construct bridges, building facades, railcars, and transmission towers, as well as in a variety of architectural, garden design and landscaping applications. 

Architects and landscape designers tend to appreciate weathering steel for its durability, low maintenance qualities and aesthetically-pleasing color and texture. When it comes to fire pits, weathering steel not only offers resistance to atmospheric corrosion, but it also offers the high-heat resistance required to contain a fire. Plus, the naturally occurring oxidation process produces a protective patina over time that brings a unique color and texture to outdoor spaces of all kinds. 

Weathering steel fire pits and fireplaces we love

Weathering steel fire features are made in all shapes and sizes for both personal and commercial spaces. Here are a few weathering steel fire features we love: 

Abstract Weathering Steel Fire Pit

Corten Steel Fire Pit and Hood

Weathering Steel Fire Box

Corten Steel Fire Pit and Planters

Contact Central Steel Service, Inc. to purchase weathering steel for fire pits

As a trusted weathering steel supplier, Central Steel Service has the weathering steel material needed to fabricate fire pits and fireplaces. We offer cut-to-size ASTM A588/A606-4 plates and parts for custom fire pits. Simply provide the dimensions and quantities of the parts you need, and Central Steel Service can CNC plasma burn material to meet your needs. Contact us to request a quote!