Corten Siding Panels

What are Corten Panels

Corten Panels are made from ASTM 606-4 Weathering Steel. Normally used in outdoor construction as siding or roofing panels for buildings to withstand weathering effects. ASTM 606-4 naturally creates a protective layer of rust called Patina which slows down the rate of rust compared to other steel alloys. ASTM has a life cycle substantially better than that of regular carbon steels, with or without copper. This patina also gives the panel an attractive, rustic, mid-century appearance. These properties make Corten Panels an excellent choice in the right application and within the proper setting to use for siding and roofing panels in your outdoor construction project. Central Steel offers Corten Panels for siding and roofing panels.


Corten Siding Panels are used for exterior facades for buildings to withstand weathering effects and to create the rustic appearance as desired by the architect. Corten Roofing Panels are also used to create a high-quality durable roof. The patina of ASTM A606-4 creates a longer life span of a roof or as the siding of a building for many years to come. This makes Corten panels a high commodity for outdoor construction and industrial construction applications.


Corten Panel Capabilities

Central Steel Services can supply roofing and siding panels in 22ga and 18a gauge thicknesses. The length and width of the panels will be dependent on the panel profile as chosen by the architect and/or customer specifications. These panels are best used for building facades, metal buildings, and barndominiums, but are also popularly used in manufacturing, construction, and industrial applications. Please contact Central Steel Service directly to discuss the various panel profiles that are available.


Services Associated with Corten Panels


Benefits of Corten Panels are:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Lower Initial Cost
  • Speed of Construction
  • Attractive Appearance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Resistant to Higher Temperature


Central Steel Service is a stocking distributor of these ASTM specifications in various products including, sheet, coil, plate, flat bars, round bars, angles, channels, pipe & tube.

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