Not Just a Boundary, But a Piece of Art

Cor-ten steel planters

Not Just a Boundary, But a Piece of Art

Given its aesthetically-pleasing appearance and practical benefits, it’s no wonder why Barfield Fence & Fabrication has used cor-ten steel, also referred to as weathering steel, for a few recent projects. Located in Apopka, FL, Barfield Fence and Fabrication aims to make unique and elegant products that make an impact. “A product that stands above the competition, not just a boundary, but a piece of art,” Barfield Fence and Fabrication emphasizes on their website. 

Cor-Ten Steel Dog Park Fence at the Tampa Meridian

Barfield Fence and Fabrication was presented with constructing a dog park fence, which included using 1” x 8” Cor-Ten steel columns. Central Steel Service supplied Barfield with plasma-burned to size 1”-thick ASTM A588 weathering steel plates to use for the fence pickets. In the photos below, you can see how the weathering steel developed its patina after installation. 

Corten Steel Posts     Cor-ten steel fencing

Whether security or privacy is the objective of the fence, constructing a solution using weathering steel has its benefits. First and foremost,  weathering steel is corrosion-resistant and requires little-to-no maintenance. Secondly, the attractive appearance of weathering steel blends pleasingly in outdoor environments and improves with age, as seen in the photos above. And lastly, using weathering steel eliminates the cost associated with painting and ongoing maintenance. 

Cor-Ten Steel Planter Boxes at The Yard at Ivanhoe

Barfield was also contracted to fabricate cor-ten steel planter boxes for The Yard at Ivanhoe. Central Steel Service provided 3/8” and ¼” ASTM A588 plates for the planters, which were used in various places to beautify the property. 

Cor-ten steel planters

Cor-ten planters

Corten planter

As you can see in these photos, corten steel planters offer a simple way to bring plants and greenery to outdoor spaces, like sidewalks and rooftop pool decks. You may also notice in these photos how the planters were installed on top of a gravel bed. This is a great way to catch the run-off that occurs as cor-ten steel develops its patina and minimize staining on the wood or concrete surrounding the steel structure. 

Contact Central Steel Service for ASTM A5888 Weathering Steel Plate

Central Steel Service Inc. stocks and delivers strong, durable ASTM A588 steel in a variety of shapes and forms.  ASTM A588 is a high-strength, low-alloy structural steel specification with higher strength and improved atmospheric corrosion resistance for structural steel shapes such as angles, channel and beams, as well as steel plate and bars. 

While ASTM A588 is often used to construct pedestrian bridges, highway bridge girders, tanks and railcars, it can also be used to construct smaller-scale structures, like planter boxes and fencing. Contact one of our experienced sales associates to learn more or request a quote for your next project!