Strenx/Domex Coil and Sheet

Strenx® Coil and Sheet

Strenx®/Domex® 110XF steel is a thermostatically rolled sheet, 100% iron ore-based product with a minimum yield strength of 110ksi and minimum tensile strength of 118ksi. Strenx/Domex 110XF is ideal in applications where its high strength and excellent cold forming characteristics can reduce overall production costs. It is also ideal in applications where improved strength and weight reduction is desired due to its higher yield strength over normally used 50ksi minimum yield strength grades. Strenx 110XF has superior flatness, and therefore excellent for laser or plasma burning applications.

Normal GaugeWidthLengthCTL
14ga (.079″)41.5″120
11ga (.118″)52″120
10ga (.134″)52″240
8ga (.158″)60″120

.079″ – .134″.8xt
.135″ – .236″1.2xt
>.236″ – .500″1.6xt
Impact Toughness: Guaranteed Minimum 20ft./lbs. at -40° F


Low Carbon, Phosphorus and Sulfur levels allow trouble-free welding by all conventional methods. No preheating is required. Not suited for heat treatments at temperatures above 1080F.

Strenx Steel Specifications

The mechanical properties and dimensional qualities of Strenx make it an excellent choice for weathering steel for construction projects and other industry-specific situations. Review the following specifications to see how it can perform in your industry:

  • Thickness: Between 0.7 and 160 mm
  • Yield strength rating: minimum of 100 ksi

Strenx Steel specifications vary based on the category. For example, Strenx 100XF is a 100% iron ore-based thermostatically rolled sheet. Review your industry-specific steel requirements to see how Strenx can meet, and often exceed, many standards for strength and weathering situations.

Benefits of Strenx Steel

While there are many high-strength steels, Strenx provides significant cost-effective benefits. Below are a few of the benefits of choosing Strenx Steel for your application:

  • Dependable structural steel: Thanks to its high yield strength and consistency, Strenx products maintain their structural integrity for longer than other alloys.
  • Lightweight alloy for your application: Explore varying thicknesses and shapes thanks to the lightweight nature of Strenx Steel.
  • Precision tolerances: Strenx is a leading brand of weathering and structural steel, known for its consistency and quality, so you can be confident that each piece will meet strict tolerance requirements.

Thanks to these benefits, this high-strength alloy is commonly used in construction, automotive, transportation, and mining applications. The dimensional range of Strenx Steel allows for industry-specific applications that retain its characteristic dependability.

Categories of High-Strength Steel

Tailor your structural steel order to your industry and environment by sourcing materials from a leading distributor. Here are a few categories of high-strength steel we carry at Central Steel Service, Inc.:

Discuss your choice of plate, coil, sheet, or shaped steel products. We not only carry the alloys you need but provide exceptional service as you source quality structural and weathering steel.

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