Project Spotlight: Corten Stormwater Management System

Corten Steel Planter Boxes

Project Spotlight: Corten Stormwater Management System

From garden design to transmission poles, there are countless applications for corten and weathering steel. Corten’s aesthetically-pleasing appearance, strength, durability and versatility that make it suitable for unique situations. Central Steel Service provided the material for an especially innovative and artful project. 

The project

Fresno Fab Tech worked with Whitson Engineers and a landscape architect to use corten steel to create a stormwater management system for Santa Catalina School in Monterey, California. The project began in August 2015 and was completed in January 2016. 

Whitson Engineers called the project a “hallmark biofiltration system” that also provides outdoor learning opportunities for the school’s students. This system was designed to catch and recycle water through the corten planters made with built-in troughs. The collected water is then pumped back up to the barrel-shaped corten cistern, which is a filtration system that cleans the water.

Consequently, the corten planter system not only serves as a stormwater management system, but also as a space for environmental testing and an artful garden. 

The materials

Central Steel Service supplied Fresno Fab Tech with corten-equivalent weathering steel sheet (ASTM A606-4), angle (ASTM 588) and round bar (ASTM A588) for this project. The angles provided backing and structure to the weathering steel panels, which created the face of the planters. Round bar was used to form the weathering steel ladders. 

Benefits of weathering steel

Weathering steel offers significant advantages over other metals for structures that are exposed to outdoor elements, including low maintenance, high-strength, enhanced durability, minimal thickness, cost savings and decreased construction time. Plus, the rusty patina the steel develops overtime blends well in gardens, backyards, parks and other outdoor spaces. 

These characteristics of weathering steel make it ideal for garden applications like this one. Central Steel Service supplies cut-to-size ASTM A588/A606-4 plate and parts for custom planter boxes. Simply provide the dimensions and quantities of the parts you need for a planter box, and Central Steel Service can CNC plasma burn material to meet your needs!

Weathering steel is also an ideal material for retaining walls and landscape edging. Central Steel Service supplies corten steel landscape edging for your gardening design needs. We have standard sizes in stock and can also custom-cut lengths based on your specific needs. The prefabricated ASTM A606-4 edging has slots and steaks for easy installation. 

Established in 1981, Central Steel Service, Inc. specializes in the distribution of High Strength Weathering, High Strength and Abrasion Resistant Steel products. Contact us today for your weathering steel needs!