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Experience the Difference


We stock only PRIME Quality materials. Fully traceable, actual Mill Test Certifications are provided with your shipment, not in-house prepared certifications. We maintain our Mill Test Certifications electronically for an indefinite period of time. Our High Strength Corrosion Resistant products meet or exceed the latest ASTM specification which requires a minimum of 6.0 Atmosphere Corrosion Index. Our Quality Control Program states our commitment to our customers to supply fully traceable and mill certified material and it details the procedures we follow to ensure we maintain complete material traceability. Our entire inventory is maintained indoors in over 125,000 square feet of warehouse facility. Please review excerpts taken from our Statement of Policy regarding quality control that are provided below. A complete non-controlled copy of our quality control manual is available for our customers review.

The management of Central Steel Service, Inc. is totally committed to meet the requirements of our customers to supply fully traceable steel products and furnish actual mill test reports when required by the customer's purchase order. All actual certified test reports shall contain the following minimum information: heat number, ASTM specification number, chemical make-up, tensile strength, yield strength, and the location where the material was produced. Each employee of Central Steel Service, Inc. will continually review and monitor the areas of responsibility to which they are assigned, making sure that the requirements of the quality control program and this manual are carried out. All discrepancies shall be reported to the quality control manual. This manual is the authority in all cases involving the procedures contained within. Whenever a conflict arises in the day to day operations, the president of Central Steel Service, Inc. shall have the final interpretation in all quality matters without compromising the quality control manual or customer requirements.

When you call Central Steel Service you get... 

  • A live friendly voice ready to help you or direct your call to someone who can
  • A company that believes honesty and integrity are a critical part of doing business and a foundation or building long term mutually beneficial relationships
  • Access to professional sales representatives with over 100 years of combined experience in steel distribution, with over 70 of those years with Central Steel Service, Inc.
  • Access to over 7500 tons of high strength weathering, high strength, and abrasion resistant steel products maintained in over 125,000 sq .ft. of indoor warehouse space
  • A clear written quotation covering all the pertinent details of your inquiry, including material description, weight, unit price and extended price

When you purchase from Central Steel Service you get...

  • A written Sales Order Acknowledgement sent back to you within minutes, confirming the details of your order
  • Transportation service provided either on our truck or arranged by us through common carriers
  • High quality material that is well packaged and properly identified for traceability and according to your unique instructions
  • A Shipment Notification sent to you within minutes once your order has been shipped via common carrier
  • Fully traceable, actual mill test certifications provided with your shipment or according to your unique instructions

After you receive material purchased from Central Steel Service, we will...

  • Provide any easy to read invoice, complete with any reference numbers you may require to make it easier on your account’s payable personnel, while ensuring your job is costed correctly
  • Maintain your mill test certifications electronically for an indefinite period of time in case they are ever misplaced or requested months or years later by an inspector
  • Be here to help you in any way we can.