Strong, Yet Lightweight: Strenx® Performance Steel

Strenx® Performance Steel

Strong, Yet Lightweight: Strenx® Performance Steel

Are you looking for steel that is up for any challenge? Look no further than Strenx® Performance Steel. This innovative steel offers superior strength-to-weight ratios, making it perfect for a variety of applications, including agriculture, transportation and construction. Plus, because it is made from 100 percent recycled materials, Strenx® steel helps you do your part to reduce environmental impact. 

What is Strenx® Performance Steel? 

Strenx® Performance Steel is a thermostatically-rolled sheet, 100 percent iron ore-based product with a minimum yield strength of 100 ksi. Its consistent properties ensure precision and efficiency in the workshop. 

This high-strength structural steel is ideal in applications where its strength and excellent cold forming characteristics can reduce overall production costs. It is also optimal in applications where improved strength and weight reduction is desired due to its higher yield strength over normally used 50ksi minimum yield strength grades. Plus, Strenx® features superior flatness making it exceptional for laser and plasma burning applications. 

High strength steel for agriculture equipment

Strenx® steel withstands harsh agricultural conditions season after season while enhancing efficiency, decreasing fuel usage and shrinking the time spent harvesting crops. Learn more about using Strenx® for agriculture equipment from SSAB here

High strength steel for transportation

Strenx® steel combats the productivity and sustainability challenges that the transportation industry faces. Your trailers can be lighter in weight with a better payload and use less fuel when you use Strenx® performance steel. Learn more about the benefits of using Strenx® for trailer frames and flooring here

High strength steel for construction and lifting

Did you know the world’s number one crawler crane uses Strenx® steel? According to SSABthe XGC88000 has a maximum rated lifting moment of 88,000 tfm, which translates to a maximum lifting capacity of 4,000 tons. 

All in all, Strenx® steel will outperform other steels in tough environments and can take your business to new heights.

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