Top Weathering Steel Projects of 2022

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Top Weathering Steel Projects of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, let’s reminisce on the unique ways our customers used weathering steel, also referred to as cor-ten steel, in their projects. From striking details to entire structures, the beauty and function of corten steel was certainly used in impressive ways this year. 

Primate Canopy Trails at the Saint Louis Zoo

The Michael and Qursis Riney Primate Canopy Trails at the Saint Louis Zoo now feature multiple weathering steel elements in eight different primate habitats. The exhibit features climbing structures made from weathering steel hollow structural sections (HSS), which are interwoven between real trees to serve as additional climbing and enrichment activities for the primates in the exhibit. Shelter boxes made from weathering steel are also spread throughout the primate habitats. Above the climbing structures, weathering steel HSS suspend the netting that encloses the exhibit. And lastly, a winding boardwalk made of curved weathering steel gives visitors a treetop view of the exhibit. Read more about the project here.

Weathering steel exhibit

Weathering Steel Landscape Details by Bella Botanica Designs

Based in Atlanta, GA, Bella Botanica often combines wood, weathering steel and stone in the details of his landscape and hardscape designs. This year, Bella Botanic used weathering steel for a variety of applications at a lake house. Check out the photos below! 

Weathering Steel Retaining Wall

Cabin Roofing at Como Retreat

When it was time to replicate the roofs on its newly-built guest cabins, the Como Plantation Retreat selected weathering steel for both practical and aesthetic reasons. We supplied 22GA corrugated weathering panels with a 2.67 x 7/8” profile for the roofing material. The rustic, orange-brown patina color blends perfectly with the wood-sided cabins and surrounding wooded, natural area keeping in line with the charm and character of the cabins and the retreat as whole. Read more about the project here.

Metal Roofing on Cabins

Label Industries Weathering Steel Fence

Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, Label Industries used 14GA A606-4 weathering steel sheets to construct a fence around its outdoor putting green. Who says it’s all work, no play? Check out the photos below! 

Weathering Steel Fence

Six-T Malakoff Ranch Chicken Coop Roofing and Sculptures

Located in Malakoff, Texas, Six-T Malakoff Ranch has used weathering steel for various elements on its property. This year, Six-T added a chicken coop complete with a weathering steel roof and two stunning sculptures fabricated in weathering steel. Read more about the project here. 

Weathering Steel Chicken Coop

Weathering Steel Sculpture

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