Using Uncoated Weathering Steel

Uncoated weathering steel bridge

Using Uncoated Weathering Steel

Designing or constructing a bridge using uncoated weathering steel? The National Steel Bridge Alliance recently released a new Uncoated Weathering Steel Reference Guide including site and location considerations, design recommendations, structural design, detail, maintenance, and more. 

What is weathering steel?

Weathering steels are a family of ASTM specifications, as well as several trademarked specifications exhibiting similar corrosion-resistant properties. Because weathering steel naturally develops a protective patina layer as it is exposed to weather, it can be used unpainted in structural and architectural applications, including bridges, open-frame buildings, transmission towers and more. 

What are the benefits of using uncoated weathering steel? 

The elimination of coating application when using weathering steel cuts down on construction time and costs, which means the bridge can be ready for erection much faster. Plus, because the weathering steel will not need to be re-coated and requires nominal maintenance, it minimizes future maintenance costs and traffic disruptions. 

And, that’s not all. Weathering steel is also a more environmentally-friendly material choice because less painting means less release of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. Last, but certainly not least, the unpainted appearance of weathering steel blends well in gardens, backyards, parks, and other outdoor environments where bridges are required. 

Ready to use weathering steel? Visit the National Steel Bridge Alliance’s website to download the Uncoated Weathering Steel Reference Guide for everything you need to know about weathering steel. 

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