Weathered Steel for Commercial Projects

Weathered Steel Commercial Projects

Weathered Steel for Commercial Projects

Have you spotted weathered steel around your city? Because weathering steel offers several benefits over other metals and materials, builders, architects and landscape designers utilize it for various applications in commercial projects. 

First and foremost, the corrosion resistance of weathering steel enables it to be used unpainted in many structural and architectural applications. This benefit eliminates painting costs and reduces overall construction time. Secondly, weathering steel requires minimal maintenance, which reduces the direct costs of maintenance operations and any indirect costs of traffic delays or rail possessions. Lastly, the patina that weathering steel develops overtime blends well in many environments – from natural areas to contemporary design – and only improves with age.  

Weathering steel in commercial landscapes

Weathering steel is often used in commercial landscape designs for landscape edging, retaining walls, planter boxes, fencing, bollards, bridges, awnings and pergolas. Here are a few ways our customers have used weathering steel in landscape design: 

Weathering steel planter boxes can improve the curb-appeal of office buildings, restaurants and retail storefronts.

Weathered Steel Planter Boxes
Weathering steel landscape edging is simple to install and an effective way to define space around planter beds or along sidewalks in commercial developments.  Roots and Rain Landscape and BILT in Alabama used ASTM A588 flat bar and plasma burned A588 plate for the landscape edging around Pepper Place in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Weathering Steel Edging

Retaining walls are often needed in commercial spaces. Weathering steel’s “rusty” appearance and practical benefits allow it to be used in places where a concrete wall or other material is not fitting. 

Weathering Steel Retaining Wall

Weathering steel in modern construction

Weathering steel corrugated and profile panels are commonly used in modern architecture and construction as roofing and siding materials. In fact, our office building was built out of cold-rolled weathering steel. The building’s exterior facade was constructed from ASTM A606-4 corrugated and rib panels and the gutters were formed with A606-4 sheets. ASTM A847 rectangular tubing was used to build the canopies.

weathering steel office building

Likewise, architect Eric Hefty used weathering steel in a variety of ways to complete a residential development in downtown Missoula and an office building. Check out photos of the commercial projects below.  

Weathering Steel Condos  Weathered Steel Commercial Projects

Weathering steel awnings and pergolas are a great way to enhance curb appeal and provide shade over outdoor dining areas. BILT in Alabama also used ASTM A588 w-beams and angles to construct the awning structure at Jeni’s Ice Creams in Pepper Place

Weathering Steel Awning

Weathering steel signage

Signage is necessary for most commercial projects. Weathering steel signage can not only withstand outdoor elements, but is also more aesthetically-pleasing than other signage options. Here are a few examples of weathering steels signs: 

 Weathering steel signage

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Are you interested in using corten-equivalent weathering steel in your next commercial project? These are just a few of the countless ways to use weathering steel in commercial construction. Central Steel Service stocks all the products mentioned above and more. Contact us for your weathering steel needs!