Weathering Steel Applications for Parks, Trails and Greenways

Weathering Steel Applications in Parks

Weathering Steel Applications for Parks, Trails and Greenways

The aesthetic-appeal and practical benefits of weathering steel make it a great material for garden design and landscaping. For similar reasons,  weathering steel is commonly used throughout parks, trails and greenways. 

When exposed to outdoor elements, corten-equivalent weathering steel offers several advantages over other metals, such as low maintenance, high-strength, enhanced durability, minimal thickness, cost savings and decreased construction time. But most importantly, the rusty patina color that the steel develops as it weathers blends well in outdoors spaces, such as parks, trails and greenways. 

Weathering Steel Applications for Parks, Trails and Greenways 

Public parks, pedestrian trails and greenways often include elements like bridges, fencing, signage, public art, and pergolas. Weathering steel can be used to create all of these elements and more. 

Weathering Steel Bridges 

Weathering steel is frequently used for pedestrian bridge construction. With ASTM A847 hollow structural sections, less steel is required to do the same job. Plus, the rusty patina color of weathering steel blends well in natural environments, such as pedestrian bridges in parks, trails and greenways. 

Weathering Steel Pedestrian Bridge


Weathering Steel Fencing and Bollards

Fencing, gates, barriers and bollards are needed in many parks and public areas to provide safety, security, privacy and decoration. Barriers, like weathering steel bollards, are often required to protect pedestrian areas from streets, parking lots or water features. Weathering steel fencing can create boundaries and conceal unattractive sites, like garbage bins and dumpsters. 

Corten Border Wall

Weathering Steel Signage

Directional signage is often found throughout outdoor public spaces. Weathering steel signage can not only withstand outdoor elements but is also more aesthetically pleasing than other signage options. ASTM A588 is often used for sign posts. We can also CNC plasma burn letters, shapes and designs out of A606-4/A588 weathering steel plate. 

Weathering Steel Sculpture and Art

Artists and sculptors also appreciate the properties of weathering steel. For instance, two customers of Central Steel Service, DeWitt Godfrey and Jason Kimes consistently use weathering steel to create their one-of-a-kind sculptures that are displayed in public outdoor spaces around the world. Recently, our customer Averbuch Rail Art and artist Ilan Averbuch recently created the park sculpture pictured below. 

Weathering Steel Applications in Parks

Weathering Steel Roofing and Pergolas

Parks and outdoor public areas often feature picnic areas that may require roofing. Weathering steel corrugated panels are commonly used for roofing applications. When you select weathering steel for your roofing material, you gain all the benefits of weathering steel, including its ability to resist corrosion and aesthetically-pleasing patina color. 

Weathering steel awning


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