Weathering Steel in the Industrial Manufacturing Industry

High Strength Weathering Steel Plate

Weathering Steel in the Industrial Manufacturing Industry

Since 1981, Central Steel Service, Inc. has distributed specialized, high strength weathering and abrasion resistant steel products for the most demanding industrial manufacturing applications. In fact, Central Steel Service began as a corrosion-resistant steel supplier for industrial equipment manufacturers. Now, several of our industrial equipment manufacturer customers utilize weathering steel, also known as Cor-Ten, as an enhancement to the quality of their end product.

5 advantages of using weathering steel for industrial manufacturing applications

Why do industrial manufacturers rely on weathering steel to manufacture their products? Because using weathering steel for industrial manufacturing applications has a host of advantages:  

  1. Strength and durability. Because weathering steel is resistant to weather conditions and high temperatures, oxidation loss of steel at temperatures above 400 degrees Celsius can be decreased by using weathering steels. In fact, long-term performance and durability are key benefits of using weathering steel for any project. 
  2. Minimal maintenance. Periodic inspection and cleaning should be the only maintenance required to ensure parts and equipment manufactured with weathering steel perform well. While some may mistake the protective patina that weathering steel develops over time as rust and assume that it is already corroding away, weathering steel is resisting the corrosion in order to provide years and years of service with minimal maintenance.
  3. Cost savings. Weathering steel’s ability to resist corrosion enables weathering steel to be used unpainted in many applications. The elimination of painting not only reduces operating costs (material and labor), but also reduces construction time. 
  4. Environmentally-friendly. When weathering steel is used, issues associated with volatile organic compounds in paint and the disposal of blast-cleaning debris from future maintenance work are avoided.
  5. Aesthetically appealing. The orange-brown color and rustic texture of weathering steel’s matured patina blends pleasingly with most outdoor environments. Plus, its appearance changes and improves with age.

Industrial manufacturing applications for weathering steel

Industrial manufacturers usually require specialty steel plates to manufacture products of all shapes and sizes. For the industrial manufacturing industry, we often recommend ASTM A242, A588, A606-4, A709-50W and A871. Weathering steel is used extensively to manufacture industrial products and equipment, such as:

  • Pollution Control Equipment
  • Industrial Air Pollution Stacks
  • Air Ducts
  • Water Tanks
  • Precipitator Elements

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