Weathering Steel in the Vineyards of Italy

Weathering Steel Applications at Terre di San Vito in Pugila, Italy

Weathering Steel in the Vineyards of Italy

Nestled among the rolling hills of Puglia’s picturesque vineyards, lies a winemaking haven embracing both strength and aesthetic allure of weathering steel: Terre di San Vito

Weathering steel and wine may sound like an odd pair, but they complement each other surprisingly well. Italian vineyards have increasingly turned to weathering steel not just for its structural integrity but also for its rustic elegance. From pergolas that cradle sprawling vines to pieces of sculpture and more, this resilient material finds itself woven seamlessly into Italian landscapes.

Weathering steel spotted on the Terre di San Vito Estate

Terre di San Vito, in particular, fell in love with the material and used weathering steel for various applications throughout their estate, including signage, sculpture, window frames, doors, outdoor sconces, outdoor trash cans, retaining walls, fencing and to frame a beautiful glass greenhouse where they host their wine tastings. Check out the photos below!

About Terre di San Vito

The Terre di San Vito estate is located in Contrada Rascinuso, in the Polignano area just a few steps away from the sea. Beyond showcasing the beauty of weathering steel, the land is well suited to grow vineyards and olive trees, which grow slowly and naturally and draw a unique landscape, perfect for some Apulian wine tasting. From great-grand-parents Gianluca and Lauretta to Francesco and Lucia with their children Elena, Giovanni and Giacomo, this family-owned vineyard has a strong connection to the land and the tradition of working in the fields to give life to the vineyard. 

If you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop by for a tour of the vineyard, a taste of wine and to admire the vineyards’ applications of weathering steel! Now, let’s raise a glass to this great pair! 

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