Weathering Steel Interior Applications

Weathering steel decorative bars

Weathering Steel Interior Applications

Weathering steels are a family of ASTM specifications and several trademarked specifications that exhibit similar corrosion-resistant properties. These corrosion resistant properties along with other practical benefits make weathering steel suitable for many outdoor applications, such as bridge construction, landscape and garden design and roofing and siding

While there are countless uses for weathering steel in construction and outdoor spaces, weathering steel also has a place in interior spaces and design. The unpolished texture and aesthetically-appealing orange-brown color of the steel can elevate the look of some spaces. 

Here are a few ways we have seen weathering steel used in interior applications:  

Decorative weathering steel 

Artesano Ironworks designs and creates custom, high-end, luxurious masterpieces. They used weathering steel to make a statement in the lobby of an apartment complex in New York. Artesano Ironworks used 271 pieces of ½” x 6” weathering steel flat bar to craft the decorative bars pictured below. 

Weathering steel decorative bars

Weathering steel staircases and railings

Many of weathering steel’s outdoor applications can be imitated indoors. For instance, just as weathering steel can be used to fabricate staircases and railings in outdoor spaces, weathering steel can be used to fabricate interior staircases and railings. 

Weathering steel railing Weathering steel staircase

Weathering steel accents

Weathering steel works well with other materials, like wood and stone, to create a rustic look.  A customer of ours used custom weathering steel brackets to mount the wooden mantle to this stone fire place. 

Weathering steel fireplace

The base of the conference room table at Central Steel Service is also made of weathering steel. 

Weathering steel table

These are just a few of the many ways weathering steel could be used in interior design.The interior applications for weathering steel are only limited by your imagination. If you have an idea for using weathering steel, contact an experienced sales representative at Central Steel Service. We can help you determine the right weathering steel for the job.