Weathering Steel Paneling for Vail Health Hospital Expansion

Weathering Steel Panels for Vail Health Hospital

Weathering Steel Paneling for Vail Health Hospital Expansion

Back in 2018, GE Johnson broke ground on a $141 million project aiming to bring a modernized healthcare experience to the residents and visitors of Vail Valley. Denver-based Davis Partnership Architects designed the expansion of Vail Health Hospital to include a new lobby, plaza, emergency department, and five levels of underground parking on the north side of the building, allowing ambulance and visitor traffic to be redirected away from a major pedestrian and tourist road in the center of Vail. While the project was expansive, you can’t miss the striking, modern, but rustic look of the building’s exterior that now features weathering steel paneling. 

Davis Partnership Architects included weathering steel paneling in its design of the exterior of the building, so the wall panel systems subcontractor, Gen3, turned to Central Steel Service for the proper materials. We supplied Gen3 with 16GA and 22GA weathering steel sheet to fabricate the paneling on the building. In addition to the traditional paneling, Gen3 fabricated custom perforated weathering steel panels that light up and change color at night in the stairwell. 

On Tuesday, December 1, 2023, Vail Health Hospital’s new east wing opened to the public. Check out photos of the finished project below! 

Weathering Steel Paneling for Vail Health Hospital

Weathering Steel Paneling for Vail Health Hospital

Corten Steel Panels

Weathering steel Panels in stairway

Perforated Corten Paneling with Lights

Corten Panels in Vail

Benefits of weathering steel paneling

Weathering steel panels, also referred to as corten steel panels, are made from ASTM 606-4 weathering steel and typically used in outdoor construction as siding or roofing panels for buildings to withstand weathering effects while bringing a look that blends well in a variety of environments. 

Architects appreciate and often specify weathering steel panels for its strength and color. When exposed to weather, weathering steel develops a protective patina layer that slows down the rate of rust compared to other steel alloys and produces an orange-brownish color and rustic texture. Plus, weathering steel offers further benefits over other metals and materials, including lower maintenance, less initial cost, decreased construction time and more environmentally-friendly. 

These properties make weathering steel panels an excellent choice for siding and roofing panels in various outdoor construction projects. Ready to incorporate weathering steel paneling in your next project? 

Contact Central Steel Service for Weathering Steel Panels for Siding and Roofing Applications

Weathering steel corrugated and profile panels are produced from ASTM A606-4 or A588 from 22GA to 14GA thicknesses. Central Steel Service stocks standard corrugated panel profile (2.67” x7/8” with 37-1/3” coverage x 12’ maximum length) and can have a variety of profiles manufactured to order. Contact us to learn more!