Weathering Steel Security Solutions

Corten Border Wall

Weathering Steel Security Solutions

Fencing, gates, barriers and bollards are needed in many scenarios to provide safety, security, privacy and decoration. For instance, homeowners often need fencing to keep children and pets safe, prevent trespassers, establish property boundaries, create more privacy or improve the curb appeal of their home. Commercial and public spaces have similar needs. Barriers are often required to protect pedestrian areas from streets or parking lots. Fencing can conceal unattractive sites, like garbage bins and dumpsters, and provide boundaries for specific spaces. 

The properties and versatility of cor-ten equivalent weathering steel make it ideal for security solutions like these. Garden Design noted that designers are crazy about using corten in outdoor spaces because it “is a versatile metal–flexible and sturdy and virtually maintenance-free.” Made with alloys that cause the surface to develop a self-protecting patina when exposed to weather, weathering steel offers many practical and aesthetic benefits without compromising structural strength. 

Benefits of using weathering steel 

Whether security or privacy is the project’s objective, constructing a solution using weathering steel has its benefits. First and foremost,  weathering steel is corrosion-resistant and requires little-to-no maintenance. Secondly, the attractive appearance of weathering steel blends pleasingly in outdoor environments and improves with age. And lastly, using weathering steel eliminates the cost associated with painting and ongoing maintenance. 

Weathering steel security solutions

There are several ways to take advantage of the benefits of weathering steel when constructing security solutions. Here are a few examples: 

Fencing and gates

Weathering steel shapes (ASTM A588, A572-50, A709-50W) and hollow structural sections (ASTM A847) are often used to construct fencing and gates. The purpose of the fence will determine the style and steel needs. For instance, corrugated panels or flat bar can be used to construct a unique privacy fence. Similarly, plasma-burned corten sheets can create a privacy screen

Weathering steel fencing


A bollard is a short, sturdy post that creates a physical and visual barrier. They are often used in parks, landscapes and other outdoor spaces to guide traffic and protect pedestrians and/or property. The can be decorative, functional or both. Weathering steel bollards are made from ASTM A847 square and round tubing.

Weathering steel bollards

Planter Boxes

Weathering steel planter boxes can serve the same purpose as bollards if you’re looking for a more decorative barrier. Planter boxes can be cut-to-size and are made from ASTM A588 and A606-4 steel plates. 

Weathering steel planter boxes


Roadside barriers and rails can also be made from weathering steel. Typically, the guardrail posts are made from ASTM A588 beams and flat bar is used for backing. 

While weathering steel is often used to construct the above security solutions, its use and versatility is only limited by the users imagination. When welding is required, Central Steel Service recommends Cor-Match™, the weathering steel and wire electrode, which features excellent mechanical properties and a close color match to weathering steels.

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