Weathering Steel Signage

Weathering Steel Signage

Weathering Steel Signage

Whether we pay attention to it or not, we see and follow signage every day. From identifying storefronts and businesses to providing direction, signs are essential to almost every type of business and area. 

When selecting a material for outdoor signage, weathering steel, also known as Cor-ten, is well-suited for the job. Weathering steel signage is not only aesthetically-pleasing but can also withstand outdoor elements better than other signage materials. Weathering steel also mixes well with other materials, such stainless steel, wood and stone, to create just the right rustic, contemporary look.

Types of Weathering Steel Signage

Over the years, countless customers have incorporated weathering steel into their outdoor signage. Weathering steel can be employed as a post for the sign, used as the backdrop for sign lettering, or custom-burned into different shapes and designs. Check out a few different ways to use weathering steel signage below. 

Weathering Steel Sign Posts

Weathering steel can be used to erect various signs made from other materials. ASTM A588 is often used for bollards and sign posts. 

Weathering Steel Parking Sign Weathering Steel Sign Post Weathering Steel Signage

Weathering Steel Sign Backdrop

As pictured below, weathering steel can also serve as the backdrop or base material for sign lettering. 

Tablas Corten Sign Weathering Steel Signage Weathering Steel Address Sign

Custom-Burned Weathering Steel Signage

Various lettering, shapes and designs can be custom-burned into A606-4/A588 weathering steel plate like the examples below. 

Weathering Steel Sign  Custom Steel Sign Weathering Steel Signage Reception Signage

Custom Weathering Steel Letters

Last, but not least, weathering steel can be custom-cut into letters of various sizes like the Pepper Place sign below. 

Weathering steel signage

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