What You Can Do with Weathering Steel Panels

Weathering steel panel roof

What You Can Do with Weathering Steel Panels

Using corten-equivalent weathering steel for various architectural purposes is trending all over the world. Architects appreciate and often specify corten steel panels for its strength and color. 

According to ArchDaily, “The architectural details of Corten steel present a diversity of situations and connections, not only the obvious constructive factor but it also gives an aesthetic value to any architectural project.” Similarly, Architizer emphasized that “weathering steel is a material that provides protection while revealing the passage of time.”

Weathering Steel Roofing and Siding Applications

Architects commonly use weathering steel corrugated and profile panels for roofing and siding applications. Weathering steel offers various benefits over other metals and materials. In short, it provides the necessary strength, requires minimal maintenance, and blends well in a variety of environments.  

To give you an idea of how weathering steel panels can be used, we rounded up a few of our favorite weathering steel panel projects: 

The exterior facade of Central Steel Service’s office building was constructed from ASTM A606-4 corrugated and rib panels. 

weathering steel facade

A vineyard in California used weathering steel panels to construct its roof

corten steel roofing

Another customer used weathering steel panels to construct a shooting house and roof on his ranch in Malakoff, TX.  

Steel Shooting House

weathering steel roof

And lastly, a customer used weathering steel panels to build a roof on a boathouse on Smith Lake in Alabama. 

Weathering steel panel roof

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Weathering steel corrugated and profile panels are produced from ASTM A606-4 or A588 from 22GA to 10GA thicknesses. Central Steel Service stocks standard corrugated panel profile (2.67” x7/8” with 37-1/3” coverage x 12’ maximum length) and can have a variety of profiles manufactured to order.