Weathering Steel Around the World

weathering steel shooting house

Weathering Steel Around the World

Weathering steel is used around the world for various applications. From buildings facades to observation towers, architects are getting creative with uses for weathering steel. Check out these projects:

Unique Steel Observation Tower Blends into Danish Forest

Danish architects Effekt designed a new observation tower made of weathering steel and locally-sourced timber to blend in with the surrounding tree canopy. The project architect told the client, “If COR-TEN steel had existed at the time of the building the Eiffel Tower, Paris would have saved more than eight tonnes of paint a year.” 

weathering steel observation tower

Shooting House in Malakoff, TX 

A Central Steel Service customer built a shooting house, roof and entrance gate out of weathering steel for his ranch in Malakoff, TX. Weathering steel corrugated sheets, flat sheets, angle and tubing were used to construct the shooting house. The customer plans to construct the remaining structures on his ranch using weathering steel. 

weathering steel shooting house

weathering steel gate

weathering steel roof

Wyckoff Exchange Trademark Facade in Brooklyn, NY

Andre Kikoski Architect transformed two abandoned warehouses into an expansive retail venue with a modest budget. The facade of the space was created with simple, awning-style warehouse doors made from weathering steel. 

weathering steel facade

Weathering steel exhibits an enhanced level of resistance to corrosion compared to other carbon steels. Plus, its chemical composition results in tight, ‘rust-like’ patina, which provides further protection against the elements and an aesthetically-pleasing appearance for architectural applications. This protective layer makes the steel a long-lasting, low maintenance and economical option. 

The primary trademarked weathering steel product is Cor-ten®. After Cor-ten® gained popularity, other producing mills began to develop their own atmospheric corrosion resistant steel. Consequently, ASTM created what is considered equivalent specifications to Cor-Ten® in most applications. The applicable equivalent ASTM specifications are ASTM A588, A242, A606-4, A847 and A709-50W, which Central Steel Service has in stock. 

Wherever your project is located, contact Central Steel Service for your weathering steel needs! Maintaining an extensive inventory in our warehouses enables us to offer a fast shipment turnaround. We strive to ship orders within one to three days of order acceptance.

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